May 30

How to create your online income

Hello and welcome to Create Your Income where today we discuss how you can make an income from home and get thimages6KEOC61Ge training absolutely free!
Now I guess that you are probably here because you are either unhappy with your day job, looking to make a second income and you want to get out of the rat race and start earning an income from home right?
Well unfortunately there are so many scams and get rich schemes out there, I know because I once fell for them and for most of them all they seem to do is real you in with false promises and take your hard earned money which can leave you angry and disappointed as it did with me, agree?
Earning an income online doesn’t just happen over night, It can take people months and sometimes even years to start making money online depending on your training, expertise and experience.

Well after years of being scammed and feeling frustratedimagesL945Q29Y I decided to give it one last shot and through reading a really great blog from an experienced Affiliate Marketer I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, Which is a free to join affiliate training programme with a real live networking community that provides you with all of the tools, training, knowledge and support to help you become a successful Affiliate Marketer and kick start your own online Business!




May 28

So what is Affiliate Marketing

Well for those of you that don’t know – Affiliate Marketing involves having your own website and sending traffic to someone else’s site through visitors clicking on either banners of advertisement links from your site etc.. This enables potential customers to view and buy their products and services.

So what’s in it for me?

Well for every referred sale that is initiated from your website link or banner you earn a percentage which is your affiliate sales commission.


Affiliate marketing can be done on a full or part time basis, although many affiliates’ tend to start on a part time basis with a view to earning a second income, however depending on how successful you are is determined by the amount of time,effort, market research and training  you put in because ultimately this is your own business and you are your own Boss!